Feature: Glen Powell for Bloomingdales’ Mix Masters

Ahead of his appearance in the much-anticipated sequel, the skyrocketing star tells us what it was like sharing the screen with Tom Cruise and the extra special accessory he wore on set.

“A lot of my personal style actually comes from the original Top Gun. Growing up, the movie was as cool as it gets, so during filming people couldn’t tell if I was dressed for the movie or in my actual clothes.” –GLEN

When did you first see the original Top Gun?
My dad introduced me to it when I was 10. I think for fathers and sons the movie is sort of like teaching your kid baseball. Every dad wants to pass it along. Right after watching it, I signed up for acting classes. There’s probably three movies that are responsible for me being an actor and Top Gun is at the top.

What was the best part about working on the reboot?
Getting to work with Tom Cruise. I basically got Tom Cruise film school every day on set. He’d tell me to watch a movie, I’d watch it that night and then we’d talk about it the next day. For an entire year I got to learn how he makes movies.

How would you describe your personal style?
Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a jeans, boots, T-shirt, baseball hat and aviators kind of guy.

What’s the boldest fashion move you’ve ever pulled off?
For my 31st birthday I threw a tracksuit tequila party. I wasn’t sure if my friends were going to be down for it, but we had 400 or 500 people in tracksuits and it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever been to. Tracksuits really set the right vibe and are maybe my favorite spring trend. Tracksuits are back, right?

What’s the coolest thing you wore on set?
My grandfather was a naval medic, and I have his dog tags. I’d actually been wearing them for two years prior to even auditioning and then when I got the part I wore them throughout the entire movie. They’re the one accessory I never take off.

What was your favorite look from the Mix Masters shoot?
The checked jacket and sweater because I was told I reminded people of Paul Newman in it. He’s one of my idols. That old-school style is what I’m aiming to re-create. I try to be very precise and deliberate about bringing that timeless look back because I don’t think many people are doing it anymore.

Why were you excited to work with Bloomingdale’s?
It’s a store where I can get everything I like without having to go anywhere else. I can find all the brands that I know fit me well in one place.

What’s a memorable experience you had visiting the store?
Going in with my buddy Tan France from Queer Eye. Whenever I’m shopping with him I always end up looking better than if I went solo.

Be honest: Is your ringtone “Danger Zone”?
It isn’t my ringtone, but it is currently set as my alarm. [Source]

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